Monday, March 1, 2010

God, is That You? (On Hearing God's Voice)

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

We’ve all wished we could hear God.  We’ve all wished we could sit and talk with Him, pick up the phone when He calls, or write notes back and forth.  We’ve all wished for intimacy with Him in that kind of way.  In a tangible way.

I myself have wished these things.  In fact, I’ve attended seminars, listen to speakers, and participated in conferences aimed at “finding God’s will for your life” and “learning to hear God’s voice”.  Each time hoping someone would offer me three magical steps to getting in tune with God.  Each time hoping I would leave those places somehow able to tune into God’s wavelength. 

Sadly, that never happened.  In fact, there have only been two or three times in my entire life where I was almost sure I had heard God…so clear that it was almost audible.  But you see, 3 times in 26 years isn’t a whole lot of hearing, is it?

But ever since I’ve been married my perspective on hearing God has changed.  I’ve come to understand the concept of hearing God as a synonym for knowing God. 

In marriage, I have gotten to know my husband in a deep and intimate way.  I know what his favorite books are.  I know which air freshener scent he would choose, and which he wouldn’t.  I know the kind of things that get on his nerves…and I even know HOW to get on his nerves.  I know exactly what food he would order at each restaurant we go to.  I know his goals, his ambitions, and his dreams.  I know what he spends most of his time worrying about, praying about, and thinking about.  I know his heart.  The deeper I get in my knowledge of him, the closer I feel to him.  There is something sacred about that level of connection with another human being. 

If you were to ask me a list of questions about my husband…his hopes, his future, his likes and dislikes….I could answer.  If you were to ask me what he would choose, what he would will…I would know.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  Because I know him.  Deeply, intimately.  I know him well.    

Therein lays the secret to hearing God’s voice.  It’s as simple as that, yet as complex as that.  Simple because He allows for anyone to draw near him in such a way.  He allows for anyone to get to know him deeply and intimately.  Complex, because it requires so much.  It requires a heart of passion and commitment.  It requires a dedication and love that exits the world of religious obligation and enters the realm of intense relationship.  It requires getting to know Him; reading His words and obeying his desires.  It requires allowing His presence to permeate every part of our lives.  It requires asking Him those questions and taking the risk.  It requires investing more of our heart and even more of our time. 

It requires getting to know him…and getting to know him well. 

May you, believer, be drawn into an ever-increasing intimacy with your Lord.  May you be encouraged and inspired to desperately fall on your face before Him…asking Him for more of Him.  May you invest your heart and your time to get to know your God in such a deep way, that you come to know every part of his desire and will for your life. 

May you know Him, and may you know Him well. 


  1. this hit the mark in my life i'd say....

  2. deb,

    in a similar thread, i think we also don't hear God's voice as much because we talk so much. The Bible tells us to be silent in front of God, but I think my prayer times are too busy talking about the things I want to talk about. I praise Him and ask Him for things. However, I rarely just sit in front of God and learn to be quiet as I listen to the Holy Spirit. It's almost opposite of my human will to be distracted and 'doing something'.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great job!


  3. Andrew, I totally agree....many times we don't know how to be quiet...too many noises drowning out God's voice in our lives.

    Thanks for reading, and even more, thanks for your thoughts!!


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