Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, I'm totally new to this whole blogging you may have noticed.  I think I can officially say I win the prize for the most bland-looking blog in America.  But, I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover.  All you real bloggers out there, feel free to offer some tips on jazzing up your blog :)  I figured out how to add a picture today...I'm proud of myself.  Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to be posting every single day (unless you people start there life out there?? :) ...but, either way, there is one thing I want to share today. 

I've been camping out in the book of Zechariah lately.  It's one of those hidden treasures.  I think all the minor prophets are.  Books we forget about many times, but they are loaded with life changing truth.  So, I wrote this last night.  Hope it convicts you like it did me...

Zechariah 9:23

Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.

Maybe you’ve noticed.  Maybe you haven’t.  Either way, one thing is clear- Christians today have a bad reputation.  I was in a group recently that was discussing the topic of the persecuted church.  We were conversing about the challenges that Scripture depicts Christians will face on account of their faith.  The reality is, there will be a day when we are persecuted for our faith, that is- our true faith…for some believers in parts of the eastern world- that day is already here.

Then one of the group members said something profound.  Something that has stuck with me ever since.  “The problem is that many Christians are being persecuted today…not because of their faith, but because of their lack of faith.  They’re hypocrites.  They bring it on themselves”.  That statement hasn’t left me.  In fact, from the moment it was uttered it’s been close to my thoughts.  One reason may be that it came from the mouth of an unbeliever, hardened and tainted by the experiences he’s had on account of “Christ-followers”.  Another reason may be that I see myself in that statement…lacking in faith, and many times a hypocrite in my actions and deep within my heart.

I’m saddened by this type of Christianity.  The type of Christianity that is filled with judgment, preconceived ideas, and prejudice.  The type of Christianity that is bloated with pride, allowing the failures and inadequacies of others to become a breeding ground for condemnation.  The type of Christianity which pushes others away and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of unbelievers.  The type of Christian that grieves the heart of Christ.

Instead, I want to be the type of Christian in sync with the words of this verse.  The type of Christian that people are instantly drawn to because of the clear Presence of God in my life. The type of Christian who is a safe place from the scoffs and scorns of this harsh world.  The type of Christian who exudes a love beyond all other loves, offers healing to the broken hearted, and wipes the tears of those who mourn.  The type of Christian who’s reputation goes before him, paving the way for the glory of our Lord.   A Christian who’s life is evidence of one thing and one thing alone.  A Christianity which causes nonbelievers to pause and proclaim, “Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you”.

Christians, may we come to terms with the reality of our sometimes blatant, sometimes subtle hypocrisy.  May we come begging for forgiveness from the ones who we have harmed with our carelessness.  May we learn to lay down our masks of religion, instead learning the art of intimate relationship through Christ.  May we live a life that exemplifies to the world that truly, our God is with us.  And in the end, may they go with us.

Lord, forgive us for our hypocrisy.  Teach us to live our lives worthy of your Presence.  Teach us to lead others to you.


  1. Hey Debbie - I actually passed the link to your blog on to my fiance today.

    I enjoyed this post and you are exactly right: we need more people truly imitating Christ. I think the other issue is that American Christians are often not professing Christ, but instead are indirectly professing self.

    We have lost sight (or for some they have never seen it) of the fact that any goodness we show forth is only because of Christ. With regard to self, we need to do more professing of our sinfulness. I believe it is this that will lessen the charge of hypocrisy.

    A recognition that we are striving to be more like Christ, but will not reach that ultimate reality in this life is in order.

    So I see the problem of hypocrisy as two-fold: Christians are not acting Christ-like (instead are living in the world AND of the world) and Christians are not acknowledging their imperfection that is being passed over mercifully by God because of the cross of Christ.

  2. So true! We need to live a Christ-like life and we can only do that by His power and not our. May the Lord help us to live a life worthy of His name.
    Thanks Deb for the radical thoughts, keep them coming.


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