Friday, March 18, 2011

Snorting Scripture:

John 15:5
I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

This season of Lent has been an important time for me to learn to "remain" in Jesus.  Personally, I find that it's easy to make my way through life not realizing that I have pushed God into a little corner of my heart, going to visit Him during quiet times and Sunday mornings.

I forget the truth of this passage, the truth that I can do nothing apart from Him...until my life spins so out of control that I am desperate for God's hand to touch it I don't want to get to that point before I learn to turn my eyes to Jesus.  

A speaker that I heard yesterday said something that stuck with me.  She spoke of a dear friend who was going through some significant struggles in her life.  She asked her friend "How are you getting through this season in your life without going crazy?"  To which her friend simply replied: "I'm snorting scripture".

And she was.  It sounds kind of funny, but the reality is, if you're going to snort something....Scripture is the way to go.  Practically speaking, this woman was making sure to eat, breath, sleep, live God's word, because she knew it was the only way to remain in Him and allow His word to penetrate her life beyond her struggles.  She read throughout the day and when she didn't have the strength, she had others read it to her. 

This season of your life, whether struggle or victory, may God give you the motivation to soak up His presence and His Word.  May He give you the concentration to say no to distractions and say yes to Him.  May He give you the discipline to continually choose to remain in Him as you seek to find sanity and peace.
"Listen less to your own thoughts and more to God's thoughts."-- François Fénelon


  1. Hadn't heard of the phrase snorting the scriptures but there's nothing better to snort or consume than God's Word.

  2. New phrase for me too, Wanda....but you are right, there is nothing better to consume.

  3. I remember a time my bible was so precious to me... I went out and bought a pink being a soothing color for me.... I always read it at night when I was alone in my room... and he words would help me into a peaceful sleep which I needed so desperately... now I read or attempt to read and the words are empty .. they have no sound... how I wish I could feel that life again.. that I could snort scripture...As always...XOXOXO

  4. I prefer reading other great works but can see your devotion.

    Cheers A

  5. Bongo, I know you will find that place again. Thank you for your openness and honesty, you are so real. I appreciate that.

    Alejandro, thanks for reading! There certainly are great works out there, and I appreciate them all....but for me, the Bible is my line of communication with God. There is something significant about that for me. Something about that, that I can't seem to get from anyone or anything else. Thank you for your thoughts!

  6. Heheh.... This is the first time I'm coming across this phrase. I would love to snort scripture too! Like Bongo, I too sometimes find the words in the bible speaking to me and at other times, I don't feel anything. I haven't fully figured out why as yet...

  7. Theresa I think relationship with God is like any other intimate relationship...some days we feel close, connected, and communicating...and other days not so much.

    For me, the key is in choosing to seek God even when I don't always feel connected. Choosing to stay in relationship and respond even when I don't always feel close. There is a commitment there that sets my relationship with God apart...and when He does show up (aka when I finally recognize Him- he may have been there all along), I am always reminded in a huge way why I am in relationship with Him...

    He's always worth the investment.

  8. Wow!That's something that never crossed my mind. You are right. Our relationship with God is like our other intimate relationships.We don't have to worry if at times we can't feel God's presence. God is always there. Thanks Debra :)


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